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Mixing It Up

I never looked behind me to find out what other people were playing or doing.

Dizzy Gillespie, New York Times, 1982/01/07


Various items of recording equipment including tom-toms, an electric guitar, a music stand and cable jacks in the live room at Tribarac Recording Studio

Our sound room is equipped with additional keyboards, guitars, percussion instruments, a drum kit and effects pedals — if required.
Photograph by Rana Mullan

To say the very least, we are versatile at Tribarac Recording Studio, taking great pride in a range of services that cover just about every aspect of the recording process.

Studio Recording
Fully equipped to record in both analogue and digital formats, the studio is fitted with dedicated drum, vocal and sound booths in addition to a generous rehearsal space.
Location Recording
Can’t make it to the studio? Let us capture your performance live. We have extensive experience of location recording with choirs and bands.
Already laid down the tracks? Let us master your recording to industry standards. Join us in the studio or send us the source files along with your instructions.
Something missing from your meisterwerk? Let us help you get the appropriate sound quality and musical arrangement to ensure your work shines.
Film, Theatre & Dance
Putting sound and vision together? Let us produce the sound effects and incidental music for your live or recorded performance. We also mix film and television soundtracks.
Jingles & Corporate Audio
Selling an idea or product? Add punch to advertisements and presentations with short, emotive clips of music and sound effects tailor–made to suit your business or product.
Check out this jungle jingle for Kiss FM:
No instrument matches the human voice for subtlety and character. Let us capture the full depth and richness of your commentary, narration or recital — it’ll leave you speechless!
Various items of recording equipment including tom-toms, an electric guitar, a music stand and cable jacks in the live room at Tribarac Recording Studio

Everything you need to help you sound great.
Photograph by Rana Mullan

Media Conversion
Turntable on the dump? Video player in the bin? We can save your precious analogue recordings to pristine digital files for you to enjoy again and again in the 21st Century!
Audio Restoration
Can’t hear a thing for the snap, crackle and pop of a badly damaged recording? Let us repair your unlistenable sound files with a little bit of magic and some specialised software.
Customised Backing Tracks
Is your backing band letting you down?
Nord Stage 2 at Tribarac Recording Studio

The Nord Stage 2
A Scandinavian marvel!.
Photograph by Aidrian Lacey-Porter

Let us fill out your sound with additional tracks and midi sequences that will add sparkle to your stage and studio performance everytime.
Sound Recording Courses
Think you might do better producing your own recordings? Check out our training facilities and courses and learn how to be a recording genius.

Orchestration & Arrangement
Big bands too big for you? Strung up on strings? Let us adapt your composition and give it the arrangement it deserves to make the best of a big band or orchestral setting.

The Man in Black

After an oil leak from his Dodge camper truck set the Sespe Condor Refuge on fire in 1965, country singer, Johnny Cash became the only person ever to be successfully sued by the US Forest Service for starting a forest fire. When questioned at the deposition about all but nine endangered condors that were killed in the blaze, Cash replied: I don’t give a damn about your yellow buzzards.