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Right On Track

I have long hair so I guess that makes me metal. They could have focused on the boots and labeled me country, like Merle Haggard.

Lemmy Kilmister, All Access Magazine, 2009/09/24


Put your feet up and settle back with The Lip Servicers. If you’re still looking for more, check out recordings by other artists at Tribarac Studio further down the page.

Bring a little joy to your day with the collected musings of The Lip Servicers.
Produced at Tribarac Studio

Ten more tracks from The Lip Servicers.
Produced at Tribarac Studio

In collaboration with The Prime studio in Amsterdam,
Carol Anthony
and Busta Rhymes

From the most delicate melodies to raw mayhem, Pinhole deliver a candy bag of true delights (

Up-tempo Trad from Colin and Carina

Terry Datson is described as having a: Beautiful, flowing, gently grooving music... Simon Napier-Bell

Let Olive and Aiden transport you back to the 1950's

Funk along with Grainne

Mikey B and The Love Kebabs - Doner or Shish, what do you think?

A Stand of Pipes

Although the bagpipes are traditionally identified with Scotland and Ireland, an early prototype of the instrument can be traced back to the Middle East and a Hitite sculpture dating from a thousand years before the birth of Christ.