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Electric Dreams

True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. My people are Americans and my time is today.

George Gershwin, Accent on America, Armitage, Weyhe, 1944


A studio sound engineer’s hand rests on the controls of a Mackie mixing console.

Mixing things up with the web — some of our favourite sites and sources on the internet. It’s a long list. Photograph by Rana Mullan





Quite a few songs in the long history of the Eurovision Song Contest have been less than catchy: Norway’s entry in 1980, Sámiid Ædnan, demanding autonomy for the Sami peoples of the Lapland region, is sung by Norwegian characters in the 2011 version of The Thing, while Finland’s entry, Nuku Pommiin in 1982, lamenting the dangers of sleeping through a nuclear crisis, Should someone throw a nuclear poo here on our Europe … not unsurprisingly scored nul points.