image: soundsystem speaker (45 pixels)

Sound On Sound

I always used bits of tapes to sample and now I use digital systems that are more convenient and practical because it’s quicker and more precise to use. But it’s no different from what I did before. It’s only more clever.

Conny Plank, Electronic Musician, 1987/02


A studio sound engineer’s hand rests on the controls of a Mackie mixing console.

Mixing things up with the web — some of our favourite sites and sources on the internet. It’s a long list. Photograph by Rana Mullan




Lauren Bacall!?

Star of the silver screen, Lauren Bacall is name–checked in quite a number of recordings, including Car Jamming by The Clash, Freeze Tag by Suzanne Vega, Mersey by Pavlov’s Dog, Vogue by Madonna and Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen by Bon Jovi to name but a few.