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Well Balanced

Psychedelia, glam, R&B and soul. These earlier eras of pop music were characterised not by the search for perfection but by bizarre enthusiasms, small budgets, erratic technique, crummy equipment and wild abandon.

Brian Eno, Rolling Stone, 1991/11/28


A studio sound engineer’s hand rests on the controls of a Mackie mixing console.

Mixing things up with the web — some of our favourite sites and sources on the internet. It’s a long list. Photograph by Rana Mullan




His Master’s Voice

Nipper, the jack russell terrier pictured on many record labels listening to a phonograph, was two years old when the painter, Francis Barraud, inherited him from his brother, Mark Henry Barraud. In 1898, two years after Nipper died, Francis Barraud painted him listening to an Edison Bell cylinder phonograph and entitled the work His Late Master’s Voice.