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Music Non–stop

Reggae music came out of Jamaica and it told a Jamaican story but we, as black youths growing up in England, had a story to tell too but we still grew up listening to reggae music so this was just the story from our side.

Tony Gad, Rebel Base, 2006/09


A Tanglewood guitar hanging on a black and white regional road sign labelled Ruisín (Gaeilge) and Rusheen (English) near Macroom, County Cork, Republic of Ireland.

You are on the verge of recording excellence when you see this sign — or possibly you are just lost. Photograph by Rana Mullan

We are located about two miles from Macroom, in the Cork countryside, approximately 25 minutes from Cork City. We have a range of accomodation options available, please contact us for details.


Tribarac Studio,
The Creamery,
County Cork,
P12 AE61

Telephone: +353 (0)26 49254
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Background Noise …

Avant garde composer, Philip Glass was still driving a yellow cab in New York when the first of his epic collaborations with Robert Wilson, Einstein On The Beach, was performed at the Metropolitan Opera House. On the way to the Met one evening, his fare volunteered the remarkable coincidence that Glass had the very same name as the composer of the opera he was on his way to see.