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Be Flat

Hendrix, Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck … all those guys were seriously rooted in the blues but they happened to plug into Marshalls which made it sound different.

Gregg Wright, Early Blues, 2011


A Tanglewood guitar hanging on a black and white regional road sign labelled Ruisín (Gaeilge) and Rusheen (English) near Macroom, County Cork, Republic of Ireland.

You are on the verge of recording excellence when you see this sign — or possibly you are just lost. Photograph by Rana Mullan

We are located about two miles from Macroom, in the Cork countryside, approximately 25 minutes from Cork City. We have a range of accomodation options available, please contact us for details.


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P12 AE61

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It’s Only Rock & Roll …

Keith Richards once claimed that he entered a Swiss Clinic in September 1974 to have his blood cleaned by a form of dialysis in order to ease his withdrawal from heroin addiction. He later admitted it was just a dramatic ruse to cover the fact he was going into plain old rehab to help him stop boozing.